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Toronto Baseball Decals


Dimensions: 48" x 24" ACA Regulation Size
Material: Removable/Reusable Peel N Stick Fabric
Installation: No Glue, No Mess, No Worry Application (you got this, bro)

Our board decals are printed with weather proof inks (eco solvent so they are good to ol’ mama earth) on the legendary Peel N Stick Fabric. Peel N Stick is the cat’s pajamas for a few reasons:

Installation is a breeze because it is Removable & Replaceable up to 100 times! so you have a bunch of attempts to line it just right on your board (installation instructions here)

Change your decals as often as you change your pants… I do both once a month. Peel N Stick Fabric is removable so you can update your board for each season, for events, or just cause you scared of commitment… which (as a male) I am scared of commitment.

It is the right texture! Other board decals are just too slick so when your bag lands on the board it slides off the edges like Princess Peach just hit a turbo boost before flying off a mega-ramp. On Peel N Stick Fabric, the decal has a lightly textured fabric feel that mimics the same grip of wood grain.

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